Instructions on How to Use an Audit Bag

To seal remove the instruction sheet and place items in the bag


  1. Write in the blue outlined boxes on the record panel nearest the top of the bag, using only standard blue or black ball point pens.
  2. Peel protective strip away from adhesive seal.
  3. Carefully press adhesive seal against the whole length of the record panel.
  4. Seal the Bag.
  5. Do not overfill, leave enough room to seal the bag.
  6. Sharp objects should be covered or wrapped before placing in bag.

To Re-open audit evidence exhibit bag



  1. Place the bag on a flat surface with its side towards your body.
  2. Place the special cutting tool onto the plastic in between the adhesive seals.
  3. Pressing hard, pull the tool towards yourself to cut the plastic but not the record panel.

To re-seal audit evidence exhibit bag

Use the next seal as per previous instructions.

Bottom Panel

Placement of business card, bar code, control slip or any other relevant information can be placed in this section.